Create and Maintain an Amazing Winning Mindset

Discover the 12 Steps that all successful people use to achieve success and happiness in their life!

I created this Winning Mindset program to share with you how successful people apply these principles and strategies into their life. Having studied the most successful people I could find, and having worked with thousands of people wanting to make changes in their life, I became aware of the differences between what people did that were happy with their life, and what people did that were unhappy!

This program is not specifically about financial success, its about finding balance in your life and starting to think about what is important to you, what do you want to achieve in all areas of your life and then to provide you with principles and strategies that if you follow, will help you to create and maintain an amazing winning mindset that will bring you balance, peace and happiness in your life!

Paul is a Personal Change Specialist and a Master Success Coach, which means that he helps people to uncover any hidden beliefs or blockages that are operating at a deep unconscious level, and then works with them to reprogram their mind to remove them so that they can create amazing changes in their life .

Most people have something they want to change in their life, maybe you have something that is holding you back, perhaps you aren’t as happy as you want to be, your relationship might not be as fulfilling as it could be, or maybe you feel stress, anxiety and experience negative feelings too often!

Or perhaps you are moving towards your goals and they just don’t seem to be happening as quickly as you would like!

It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to move away from something in your life that is holding you back, or moving towards something that you strive to achieve, Paul can help you to make those all important changes that will lead you to an intense state of happiness and satisfaction!

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Success Stories

  • Adrienn Lakatos

    Help when needed

    "I met Paul at The Best You Expo 2016. That day his seminar had inspired me so much that I wanted to chat to him about my problem straight away. He was very welcoming, helpful, patient, kind and straight to the point what I needed. With his encouragement I began my first step towards a big challenge. He has helped me to get through something really huge in my life and I will always be so grateful to him. Anyone is very lucky to be using his services!!"

  • Simon Carnall

    I fed the birds!

    "Paul met with me to discuss my then phobia of birds ... My goal was to be able to go on holiday with my wife and be able to eat a meal outside area of the restaurant without running inside whenever a bird passed by or flew near .... Paul had a very relaxed approach and made me feel at ease during the 1 hour 30 minute session and displayed excellent listening skills. After the session with Paul the following day i went with my wife to the park and fed the birds. Yes fed the birds WOW ."

  • Rekha Haughton

    Skeptical of Mindset Coaching

    "Paul agreed to meet 14 of my team who were struggling with their mindset. They were skeptical of mindset coaching so his session wasn't going to be easy. Within 10 minutes of the meeting everyone in the room were fully engaged and hanging off his every word, unbelievable! Paul originally agreed to to give an hour session but two and a half hours later he was still going, much to everyone's delight! Thank you Paul"

  • Shahzadi Yousaf

    I am a highly confident speaker

    "I attended Paul's 'Fearless Public Speaking' workshop and left highly confident that I could present with confidence to an audience of any size. Paul is an excellent trainer and I would highly recommend any training he delivers."

  • Deb Hall

    Chocolate Bar Addiction

    "I attended Pauls personal change workshop in November 2015. I needed help with my addiction to chocolate bars.... Since that day nearly six months ago, I have not eaten a bar of chocolate, and sometimes it was three a day..... what can I say - he is a superstar....whatever he did worked - and has made such a difference to my relationship with food, chocolate in particular. Thank you Paul - you are a star"

  • Peter Jones

    Making a massive difference

    "Paul is just superb at what he does. A great listener, who hears you out then comes up with effective solutions that do the trick. There are so many examples of where Paul has made such a massive difference to peoples' lives; in my case, he was worked with two family members, and on both occasions turned situations from a negative to a positive. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul J Spencer to anyone"

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    One-time payment

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